Well, folks, you know the drill: another day, another update from Volvo of Burlingame about how our favorite automaker is changing driving forever. First, it was the promise of a crash-free new and used car lineup by 2020; then, it was Volvo's Active High Beam technology at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Now, Volvo's pulling back the curtain on yet another cutting-edge system that actually has cyclists in mind.

Now, anyone who's ever driven in a city before knows that sharing the road with cyclists can be trying at times. Nothing against cyclists, because it's as much their road as it is drivers', but many a time have they unsuspectingly sneaked past our side-view mirrors and zipped by us right as we were about to turn a corner. The point is: cyclists are harder to spot than drivers, which is just part of the reason why 618 cyclists lost their lives due to vehicular collisions in 2010.

So in an effort to drastically reduce those numbers and make the roads a safer place for everyone regardless of what mode of transportation they're using, Volvo recently unveiled their Cyclist Detection technology.

Not surprisingly, the system functions quite similarly to that of the Active High Beams. Certain Volvo models will be outfitted with a radar in the front grille and small cameras outfitted into the side- and rear-view mirrors of a vehicle, all of which can be monitored from a central control unit. When a cyclist swerves in front of a moving car, the cameras and radar will instantly detect them and automatically enable the vehicle's brakes while the central control unit monitors the situation. Talk about a win-win.

Reported to be bundled together with Volvo's Pedestrian Detection system, the new Cyclist Detection technology will soon be featured in the:

Until then, keep checking back on our blog for when Cyclist Detection finally arrives, and if you'd like to learn more about the cutting-edge safety features of the models in our showroom, feel free to visit our parts department at 900 Peninsula Avenue in Burlingame, CA 94010 for all you need to know. Remember, folks: safety first.

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