Please be advised that vehicles dropped off after 1:00PM may not be completed the same day. Your advisor will update you at time of drop off.
Scheduling a vehicle service should be as easy as booking dinner at your favorite restaurant. Enhance your ownership experience with our personalized Volvo Digital Service Booking tool. You can seamlessly schedule your next vehicle service appointment through the Volvo Cars app using this newly-enhanced feature.

What is Volvo Digital Service Booking?

Digital Service Booking is a new service booking tool within the Volvo Cars application that allows you to schedule your next service appointment at your local Volvo dealer at the click of a button. Before booking your vehicle for service, you must first download and set up the Volvo Cars application on your smartphone. To get started, follow these simple steps:
  • Download the Volvo Cars app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the Volvo Cars app and create your Volvo ID.
  • Pair the app with your Volvo.
Now that your Volvo is paired to the Volvo Cars app, you can view all of your essential vehicle information as monitored by your Volvo's computer control systems, including fluid levels and any "service needed" messages.

Easily Schedule Service

You can arrange a service appointment on-demand with just a few clicks in your Volvo Cars app. Through the app, you can select your preferred retailer and access real-time service center availability. 

Volvo Valet

Putnam Volvo Cars of Burlingame is pleased to offer the convenience of the Volvo Valet service. When your scheduled appointment time arrives, we will pick up your Volvo and leave you a loaner vehicle if desired. While we are servicing your Volvo, you can track and manage our progress through the live status updates on the Volvo Cars app.

Appointments and Notifications

The Volvo Cars app easily allows you to add your vehicle service appointment to your default phone calendar by selecting the appointment and adding it to your preferred calendar. You can easily adjust to any upcoming appointments via the Volvo Cars app if you need to modify or cancel your appointment. The Volvo Cars app will provide you with notifications about upcoming services.

Schedule your Putnam Volvo Cars of Burlingame Service

With the Digital Service Booking tool, you can easily add, modify, or cancel your next service appointment through the Volvo Cars app at your convenience. Use the Volvo Cars app to schedule service at Putnam Volvo Cars of Burlingame today!