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  • Tommy Bunarjo
    General Sales Manager

    Years of Sales Management and Customer Service experience in Automotive Industry allowed me to focus on the most important aspect of a vehicle purchase - The Customer.  Come pay us a visit and let me show you what a true "Red Carpet Service" feels like.

  • Ashley Custodio
    Sales Consultant and Overseas Delivery Specialist

    I've driven Volvos for almost 27 years!  Of the seven I have owned two of them are still being driven by me today.  I guess you can say I've seen many design changes and improvements over the course of those years.  I began assisting customers with their Volvo purchases after retiring from the biotech field in 2007.

    Volvos have saved five of my family members lives on four separate occasions.  I am so very grateful that these phenomenal vehicles did exactly what they were designed to do; I love the product and am a "Volvo for Life" customer. I look forward to sharing my Volvo experiences with you.

  • Steven Meister
    Sales Consultant

    I started  my career in the automotive industry in 1985. I have done everything from washing cars to managing dealerships. I am extremely excited about selling and leasing Volvo cars. I will provide you with the customer service you deserve before & after the sale. I look forward to earning your business. "Volvo for Life"

  • William Nash
    Sales Consultant and Overseas Delivery Specialist

    I have been a Volvo sales specialist for over 20 years and I am a firm believer in both the company and the product.  I am a Volvo owner as is my daughter, my brother and his wife.  Volvo once saved both my daughter's and my life as the Volvo we were driving was struck head on by an SUV that had run a red light; there is simply no safer vehicle for me or my family.

    Volvo Cars of America has been good to me over the years and I enjoy my job along with all of my customers.

  • Brian Westlake
    Sales Consultant

    I began working at Volvo of Burlingame in 2013 and purchased my first Volvo shortly thereafter.  My parents are Volvo owners as is my son.  Knowing that my family members are driving Volvos gives me great peace of mind; the same peace of mind I provide to my customers.

    I enjoy working with my customers and educating them about all of the safety features Volvo provides as well as assisting them in utilizing the power of Volvo's Connected Car offerings.