A few months back, we here at Volvo of Burlingame were telling you all about our favorite automaker's strides in the way of Cyclist Detection technology. Given all the bikers we have at our dealership here in Burlingame, CA, we couldn't help but feel like Volvo was looking out just for us. And given how many cyclist lose their lives in automotive crashes each year, it was a much-needed service they provided.

Well now that they're covering all their bases with humans, it looks like they're advancing to the animal kingdom as well.

In case this is your first time hearing of it, Volvo introduced their City Safety system five years ago as the first step in realizing the future of their crash-free lineup. As of now, the system is able to automatically apply the brakes in a vehicle that is traveling at speeds up to 19 mph in order to prevent an oncoming collision. Before long, the engineers at Volvo are hoping to up that speed to 31 mph, just as drivers of the 2013 Volvo V40 are able to do.

Not only does the system detect other vehicles on the road, but it also has a pedestrian detection system installed. And once they outfit it with their Cyclist Detection system, they plan to develop a wildlife detection system that would be able to recognize animals like deer, moose and bears. If this all sounds too good to be true, then take it up with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety who found that 2013 Volvo S60 owners who had City Safety equipped submitted 16% fewer insurance claims than other drivers.

So if you want to continue your hot streak of not hitting an animal on the highway, then it might be time to learn more about our lineup from the experts in our car parts department. You'll be awfully glad you did.

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